Get inspired & influenced
by important topics which
our mentors will present &
you will definitely benefit

Sample of the topics

Panel Discussions:

Gathering different panelists
to share their insights
regarding a specific topic
within 50 mins..

Sample of the topics

Advising Sessions:

An 50 min informative session
related to career path,
development planning &

Sample of the topics

Crash Workshops:

Learn a specific technique
or minimal viable practice
within 50 mins to adopt &
apply the next day..

Sample of the topics

Round Tables:

Join a limited audience
circle to share your experience
& insights regarding a
specific topic..

Sample of the topics

Case Studies:

Know more about real success
stories or project failures
to benefit from the
shared learnt lessons by
one of our mentors..

Sample of the topics

In addition to:

• Mentorship Session where you can book one of your project management role models for 20 mins & have one to one discussion with (This will be availed after Agenda Release by mid March 2021)

• Competencies Evaluation where you can request a casual interview either as a Project Manager or PMO Head or Agile Coach. (This will be availed after Agenda Release by mid March 2021)

Networking Opportunities where you can expand your circle & connect with any of the attendees via our summit online platform.

Exhibitions Activities where you can visit any of our partners virtual booths to learn more about their services & participate in their sessions.

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