Yogesh Srivastava

Chief Executive Officer, Teknobuilt

Yogesh is a globally recognized industry expert with 29 years of experience in multibillion dollar heavy
industrial construction projects in Canada as well as internationally. He brings the end to end project
delivery based on advanced methods of optimizing planning & execution along with integrated supply chain.
As a thought leader, Yogesh has been the co-chair of the Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) committee
since 2011 at Construction Owners Association of Alberta. He has also co-authored the globally
recognized AWP best practice in collaboration between COAA and CII (Construction Industry Institute of US).
His experience covers building NWR Sturgeon Refinery – a grass roots refinery project from Owner’s
side and has worked for world leading engineering & construction firm – Fluor in Canada for over 14
years in several leadership positions.
He has also worked in the technology sector as the global director for construction & fabrication
solutions at Hexagon, & earlier in Hewlett-Packard. Yogesh is passionate about exploiting the synergy
between Construction, Engineering, and Information Technology.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yogeshcs/


Teknobuilt is an innovative construction technology company accelerating Digital and AI platforms to
help all aspects of program management and execution for workflow automation, collaborative manual
tasks and siloed systems. Our platform has received innovation awards and grants in Canada, UK and S.
Korea and we are at the frontiers of solving key challenges in the built environment and digital health,
safety and quality.
Teknobuilt’s vision is helping the world build better- safely, smartly and sustainably. We are on a mission
to modernize construction by bringing Digitally Integrated Project Execution System – PACE OS and
expert services for midsize to large construction and infrastructure projects. PACE is an end-to-end
digital solution that helps in Real Time Project Execution, Health and Safety, Quality and Field
management for greater visibility and cost savings. PACE enables digital workflows, remote working, AI
based analytics to bring speed, flow and surety in project delivery.
Company Website: http://www.teknobuilt.com/

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