Rana Hassanein


Production is Rana’s Hassanein playground and dear arena of exploring and developing since 2012.

Hoping between advertising agencies, production houses, post-production houses have so much widened Rana’s area of expertise big and steadily.

Rana has started back in 2012 climbing each production step until she is now one of the most prominent producers in Cairo.

She is the girl behind the launch of Cairo Show different plays. She is the one who mastered all the elements of the first three plays of this entity. And worked with big names like Yehia El Fakkharny, Hendy and Ahmed Mekki, And she took those plays regionally to Jeddah and Al Riyadh 

She also worked on TV and digital ads for big names, some of which have won regional awards and gained exciting audience reception.

Not only this, but Rana has post-produced different TV series and TV ads as well  

And now she’s working on Egypt’s upcoming investigative thriller series (Tahi’yee) which is introducing fresh talents.

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