Dr. Eng. Mohammad Wajdi Shaheen

Managing Director & Founder, The Specialist-PMSP

Dr. Eng. Mohammad Wajdi Shaheen is 34 years of experience in Project Management with civil engineering background, specialized basically in the following area of knowledge and practicing :

o Project Studying

o Project Planning

o Contract Management

o Change Management

o Claim Management

Dr. Shaheen spent most of his business life abroad, working in 17 different Arab Countries, some African, Asian and European Countries as well. During such long trip, Dr. Shaheen examined the benefit of working in different cultural, business environment and diveristy of  business activities with international, multi-national and mega local firms, in which he became an expert in accepting and dealing with divergent opinions and inequality concerns that might be created while working with different nationalities, religious, culture and/or levels of education.

During his business career with Toyota, Dr. Shaheen had been registered as a certified trainer within Gallup University to provide training in Toyota Way and it related programme. Upon starting his own business in project management in Dubai UAE, he was registered in most of governmental departments in UAE to provide the following trainings:

  • Project Management in Principal
  • Project Manager’s Skills
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Prepare your own Feasibility Study
  • Time Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Maintenance Technique & Methodology
  • Maintenance Planning & quality Control Procedures
  • Technical Report Writing 
  • Partnership basics & Principals
  • Tolerate One Another

Dr. Shaheen is associated with many of the international and local associations and instiutes such as:

  • American Pre-cast / Pre-stressed Concrete Institute – PCI
  • American Association of Iron and Steel Engineers- AISE   # 1-117-914
  • American Society of Civil Engineers – ASCE # 364038 
  • Egypt Engineers Syndicate # 1352 / 14 Certified PM Consultant 
  • Project Management Institute – PMI # 406280

By the year 2018, Dr. Shaheen finished his diploma in the international Commercial Arbitration and becoming a certified arbitrator by the international Arbitration Organization Registration No.: 23034 and ID No.: a07128108.

Also,  had been registered as a certified Arbitration consular in the Egyptian lawyers Association. Registration No.: 13478 

In the year 2007, Dr. Shaheen established his own firm as Project Management Service Provider under the name of “ The Specialists – PMSP”

The Specialists – PMSP, Facility Management Service is a specialized project management service provider started its business by the year 2007 from its office in Cairo – Egypt. By the year 2012, PMSP re-located its office in Dubai – UAE to manage the business within the GCC.

PMSP; Through a program of strategic acquisitions and partnerships, as well as organic development, has expanded its range from the high-quality delivery of traditional engineering, studying, planning, controlling and monitoring services to encompass skills in providing specialized Contract, Change and Claim Management services that suite the client needs during the project different stages and the organization development plan needs. 

Dr. Eng. Mohammad Wajdi Shaheen is PMSP founder, who is having a proven track on Project Management aspects due to his previous experience with international and multi-national firms. Dr. Shaheen left Kirby Building System-Kuwait at the year 1999 in the capacity of Regional Manager North Africa. Thereafter, Dr. Shaheen joined Abdul Latif Jamil (Toyota- Saudi Arabia) in the capacity of Director Projects and Strategic Planning, in which he had started his carrier in Project Management before establishing PMSP by the year 2007. 

PMSP scope of work is varied the way it suits the client needs and requirements. PMSP scope of works is concerned basically with the contract, change and claim management during its life cycle. However, PMSP is more concerned with project closing-out processes, in which most of the problems are surfacing, while all stakeholders are escaping of the responsibility. 

PMSP’s scope of services is usually delivered to its customer either collectively or partially on stage-by-stage basis, as per the customer needs, budget constraint and /or the nature of the project. 

Our business model had been tailored to suit our client’s budget plan on the first place and the project technical and administrative requirements during the project life cycle. Hence, we are managing most of our activities on in-house service management basis. However, in order to enhance our technical capability, we had already entered into some strategic alliances with experts on all other work aspects, which are not covered under our in-house force team that strengthen our efficiency to deliver our clients with the needed integrated scope of services.

During the past period of time, PMSP extended its work coverage all around the Arab countries to cover the MENA region serving multidiscipline of project categories such as: hospitals, schools, real estate, automobile industry, factories, hotels, shopping centers and residential complex.


LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/dr-eng-mohammad-wajdi-shaheen-867480205 

The Specialist PMSP Website: http://pmsp-me.com/main

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