Hany Anwar

General Manager, Dorsch Consult Egypt

 Hany is a civil engineer, project manager and certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He graduated in 1985 from the Civil Department of the Engineering Faculty at Cairo University and holds a Masters Degree in Project Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the University of Nantes. Currently, he is the General Manager at Dorsch Consult Egypt, a German consulting office involved in varied construction and infrastructural works and serving as a technical hub for Dorsch branches in the Middle East. Over the space of 7 years, he has implemented a strategy to develop the staff and monitored the growth of Dorsch Consult Egypt’s business within the Egyptian market and beyond. 

For over 35 years, he worked as a practicing civil engineer within different offices in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Throughout his work, he specialized in project management. He supervised and executed a diverse spectrum of projects across the Middle East ranging from building construction to infrastructural projects. He held several senior project management positions for over 25 projects that ranged between construction, restoration, rehabilitation, documentation and registration. 

Beyond his official professional capacities, Hany Anwar has participated in several symposiums and international conferences related to construction and often with a special focus on restoration and mud construction. Moreover, he has taught courses, held workshops and lectured about Project management.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eng-hany-anwar-51339716/

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