Dr. Hala Hattab

Associate Professor, British University in Egypt

Dr. Hala Hattab has more than ten years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship as Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at the British University in Egypt, trainer, mentor and an entrepreneur. She has special interest in issues related to entrepreneurship including entrepreneurship education, social entrepreneurship and youth and women entrepreneurship and recently developed interest and capacity in monitoring and evaluation for entrepreneurship and innovation projects.   


In 2008 Dr. Hattab joined the British University in Egypt as a lecturer in Entrepreneurship and later was promoted to Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship. Through her 11 years at the BUE, Hala taught various business courses. In 2013, she developed a program in entrepreneurship that aims at preparing students to be entrepreneurs themselves, including ideas generation, opportunity recognition, business planning, among others. Since then, she is fully dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship and innovation to both Business and Computer Science students.  


Upon joining BUE, Dr. Hattab was appointed as the Program Manager for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – Egypt and authored three reports about entrepreneurship in Egypt for three consecutive cycles. She is an active researcher and published several researches, articles and reports in different internationally recognized journals and presented her research work in both national and international conferences. Dr. Hattab is a member of the editorial boards of different journals a regular reviewer for entrepreneurship-specialised journals and conferences. She is a founding member of Middle East Council for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship.  


As a trainer and a mentor, Hattab has worked closely with 100’s of startups across different countries applying different entrepreneurship methodologies and is a lead trainer for many programs with focus on social, and sustainability issues. She served as a judge in business plan competitions across the MENA region and sets in the selection panel of different organizations to interview their prospect entrepreneurs.  


Hala has been working with different international organizations on consultancy basis to carry out different activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation in Egypt and Middle East. She has worked with Nathan Associates Inc., Legatum Institute, IDRC and USAid. 


As a Chemical Engineering graduate, she started her professional career as a business development officer in an engineering consultancy company, MWHAJ, which is a joint-equity company owned by both Jordanian and International Consultants. In 2005, she was promoted to Business Development Manager. During her five years in MWHAJ, she worked closely with governmental associations and International donors and was heavily involved in business practices, including bidding (financial & technical), evaluating proposals, market analysis, new business opportunities, etc.. . Her work covered the MENA region.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hala-hattab-40385221/

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