David McCarthy

Agile / Scrum Implementation Coach, DPS Group Global

David has over twenty years of experience in design, engineering and construction, instilling strong project management and leadership knowledge while working in pharmaceutical and many other industry sectors construction projects with-in Ireland and the UK. David is adept at Project Management in fast-paced, ever-changing physical and demanding work environments, on large or smaller size works. A PSM (professional scrum master). Certified S@S (Scrum @ Scale) Practitioner. Certified product owner. With a master’s in project management (MSCPJM) from University Collage Cork (UCC) Business and Law.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mccarthydavidp/ 


DPS Group is an international provider of professional services including: Engineering, Project and Construction Management, Consulting, Technical and Contract Services and Commissioning, Qualification & Verification.

Our sector expertise spans many markets including Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical  Technologies, Advanced Technologies, Food & Beverage.

DPS provides a ‘client first’ philosophy across a range of market sectors. With a highly qualified and skilled team committed to your project, you can rely on robust technical expertise and practical know-how to complete your project on time, on budget, safely and to the highest quality. Our deep experience reduces uncertainty.

Our collaborative way of working allows you to benefit from cross-sector innovation and best practices. We challenge current thinking and incorporate ideas from other industries we serve to add value to every project.

Website Link: https://www.dpsgroupglobal.com/ 


DPS Group has been looking to grow efficiencies and has been investing heavily in process improvement methods Lean and Agile. Over 5 years ago DPS became more aware of the growing presence of Agile and Scrum and researched how it could be used within design, engineering and construction for our industry, We have incorporate Scrum / Agile into their continuous improvement methodologies.

However, as we look to scale beyond a single team we find as another that the construction sector is still siloed in its thinking and has inconsistent practice.


DPS aim is to deliver valuable on complex projects that we work on with our clients, Trade Partners and internal teams. This is a new world for construction, and we aim to predict the future by inventing the future “New” the world will change many of DPS Group’s ways of working


DPS Group Global desired outcomes are to develop consistency, maximized impact using Agile / Scrum


Agile transformation that will lead to sustainable transformation that will better the organizations way of working and entrench an Agile Mindset and associated behaviors


The construction process has had inefficiencies for a long time and recent data suggests the rise of complexity in projects is accelerating the problem. As a response, construction companies have been adopted lean to drive process efficiency. However, an efficient process is only the first step. Unlike manufacturing construction is more variable due to the number of outside variables.

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